Council on Global Relations (CGR) is an independent, nonpartisan issue advocacy organization.

Our Mission:  We advocate on behalf of individuals so they may become empowered members of their communities and engaged participants in the global community, regardless of race, gender, geography, or faith.

Our Vision:  We see a world where individuals, communities, and nations dream of reaching their full potential, and then realize those dreams.
CGR believes that today’s seemingly intractable problems can be solved by engaging in transformed paradigms that embrace solutions.  We conceptualize what can be, and mobiles to make that a reality.

Our Values:  Justice, Integrity, and Strength founded on Principles of Universal Law.
We believe that the individual can transform his or her world.
We believe an empowered individual to be the indivisible foundation element of a healthy social matrix.
We believe that a transparent dialogue based on principles of Universal Law between Individuals and their State is the necessary ingredient for true and enduring peace.

CGR works to bring opportunities to individuals through education, resources, and issue advocacy on the local community level, as well as on the international platform.

CGR supports and works on projects that are focused on:

  • Promoting equality for all humans
  • Supporting free access to information
  • Advocating for innovative social solutions
  • Encouraging transparent relationships
  • Providing opportunities to disenfranchised populations

CGR selects its projects from solicitations made by client communities, proposals by other partners, and issues identified through CGR’s independent global network.

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