Council on Global Relations is actively engaged in several key projects in Afghanistan.

With the opening of CGR’s Kabul office, CGR is now in position to collaborate with Afghan youth, and the incoming government leadership, on issues and projects that are in direct and urgent interest of the Afghan people.

The Covenant is a promise between Afghans and those who lead them, guaranteeing that those granted the responsibility to lead will safeguard the rights of each Afghan, and will likewise endeavor to safeguard the welfare of the community under Universal and Natural Law.

CGR envisions that this promise, for the people of Afghanistan, by the people of Afghanistan, will set the course as a turning point in the history of Afghanistan, and the region, and ultimately the world.    read more…

Blue rEvolution (BR) Is a grassroots mobilization project focused to empower the Afghan youth as today’s and tomorrow’s leaders engaged in the civil interest of Afghanistan in a global community.    read more…


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