ARM for Peace


Council on Global Relations is developing a comprehensive planning document, Afghan Road Map for Peace (ARM4P) , which will serve as a reference guide for Afghan and U.S. leadership to help shape policy and chart course for a sustained and sovereign peace for the Afghan people and their nation.

The proposed ARM4P project will illustrate broad historic and contemporary contextual perspectives as well as specific granular plans of action that can be used by enterprise and governments to shape executable missions and actions that stabilize Afghanistan and pave way for investment and development.

To this effect, CGR has put together a core team of experts that consists of Afghan and U.S. leaders, scholars, policymakers, and experts. It is our position that the ARM4P document must be informed by and with active participation of Afghan experts with relevant in-country experience to help draft action items that matter to the people of Afghanistan.

We welcome your financial support to help CGR produce the document, as well as providing letters, research content and input you would like us to consider.

For donations and questions lease contact Dr. Waheed Momand