Prince Pahlavi, Dr. Krause, and Mr. Terra drafting the Covenant Document on November 11, 2013

The Covenant Project is CGR’s initiative to empower Afghans and their leaders about human rights issues impacting them.

CGR endeavors to equip individual Afghans, from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, by educating and advocating that each and every person has basic natural rights, which must be safeguarded by those who lead them.

The Covenant Project is designed to bring about awareness and highlight a balanced and positive relationship between the Individual and State.

The Document was co-authored by Prince Reza Pahlavi, Dr. Michael Krause and Mr. Alexander Terra on November 11 2013 as pilot project and a gesture of friendship to the people of Afghanistan.

The Blue rEvolution Project will be instrumental in distributing the Covenant.  read more…

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