Resonant Communities

Grid Towns

CGR is exploring ways in which modern sustainable communities can be established in Afghanistan.

Grid Towns is a CGR project in partnership with DVA-Consortium, a US-based Architectural and Engineering Network of top firms, focused to bring innovative solutions and opportunities to Afghan communities utilizing advanced technology and systems.

Grid Towns will bring job opportunities, and help integrate and create participation in the global community for isolated Afghan communities.  Furthermore, each project will incorporate modern agricultural innovations, light industrial and manufacturing, as well as telecommunication and networking concepts for remote application throughout Afghanistan’s provinces.

CGR will work closely with leading universities and technology companies, as well as policymakers and planners, to develop real-time and practical solutions for an emerging  Afghanistan.  Afghanistan is uniquely positioned to leapfrog into the modern era using advances in community development concepts achieved over the past decades, and Grid Towns will be the application of these concepts.

A parallel initiative by JICA is developing a large-scale city north of Kabul in Dehsabz. CGR will collaborate with JICA, DCDA and alfa8 to implement the Grid Town projects.

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