Blue rEvolution


Blue rEvolution (BR) is a transformative grassroots youth social initiative.

CGR has launched and is developing a youth leadership initiative in Afghanistan titled Blue rEvolution, which is focused on providing both young Afghan women and men the tools to effectively secure sustainable peace and prosperity for Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is part of the global community, and Council on Global Relations strives to further develop and strengthen this sense of community pertaining to Afghanistan as it transitions out of struggle toward a thriving future.

CGR has access to a large youth membership and support team in place throughout Afghanistan mobilized under the Blue Revolution for unity and peace, which enables CGR to effectively deploy capacity building projects in areas that are not easily accessible.

CGR’s BR initiative consists of five project tracks as follows:

  1. Education, building schools, developing curricula and training, teaching Principles of Social contract to Youth.
  2. Cultural empowerment by assisting the Afghan culture to regain its brand equity, and develop on positive heritage as legacy.
  3. Blue Rev Radio, as a means of creating content, and transparent and open dialog that forms a national narrative in simple terms broadcast to the Provinces
  4. Human rights advocacy and empowerment
  5. Micro financing and capacity building for youth populations, women and men, to help develop commerce opportunities and small businesses, as well as foster the arts and innovation.

We welcome your thoughts and ideas, and participation in this exciting project.  Please contact has if you would like to help and volunteer time and effort.

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