About Us

Council on Global Relations (CGR) is a non-profit issue organization headquartered in Washington DC.  CGR was formed as a mission to safeguard human rights and social justice by espousing principles founded on natural and universal law.  With conflicts and strife afflicting nations and communities across the global community, the need for missions similar to CGR’s has never been greater.

Alexander Terra founded CGR in 2002, originally named MISCOM, with a singular conviction that individuals are endowed with inalienable rights inherent in the natural order.  Organizations founded on principles of natural law organically achieve balance and prosperity, thus fostering conditions that are bound by just contract between the scared, Individual, and the profane, State.  This contract is a covenant in recognition of the sanctity of the individual, and it charges leaders and State to act as stewards and guardians of the rights of individuals.

CGR sources and develops its funding through its own fundraising campaigns and private donations. CGR is independent of any political and national association. CGR recognizes that by empowering individuals it will empower the world.

Our Leadership and Council is comprised of committed and visionary individuals dedicated to CGR’s mission to create positive transformation in the world. CGR’s team is united by a common principle that positive change is possible, even in seemingly most unlikely of circumstances.
We will remain in the fight to ensure mission success.

CGR Key Leadership
Alexander Terra  /  President
Dash Bahman / Vice President, Board Member
Lynn Fitzpatrick / Senior Advisor and Board Member
Prince Reza Pahlavi  /  Senior Advisor and Board Member
Prince Nadir Naim / Advisor and Board Member
Michael Krause, PhD  /  Senior Advisor and Board Member
Waheed Momand, PhD  /  Advisor and Board Member
Ambassador Zalmai Aziz  /  Advisor and Board Member
Mariam Atash / Special Counsel and Board Member
Paula Mantilla / Board Member
Khalil Roman / Senior Advisor and Board Member

CGR Subject Matter Experts
Dr. Edward Corcoran
Joel Coulter
Jason Haines
Susan Finston
Chuck Nettleship
Christopher Holshek

CGR Afghanistan
Wali Shokoor  /  Project Manger, Senior Advisor and Board Member
Khairullah Qadeerzoi  /  Director of CGR Afghanistan Office
Younus Fakoor  /  Energy Advisor and Board Member
Yusuf Safi  /  Chief Financial Officer and Board Member
Abdullah Nevin  /  Technology Advisor and Board Member
Abdul Wahab  /  Assistant Director of CGR Kabul Office

CGR Blue rEvolution
Abbas Safi  /  Director of Blue rEvolution
Latif Ahmadi  /  Director of Media Production
Sultan Baig  /  Assistant Director of Media Production

Blue rEvolution Youth Leadership
Ishaq sadat
Rona Muhammad ishaq
Ajmal Parsaa
Sultan Hussain Tughyan
Sikandar Mohammad Ameen
Ahmad khan Mehmood

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