Council on Global Relations

A Child’s Dream…

CGR’s inaugural L.A.S.I.R. (Land, Air, Sea, Innovation Revolution) campaign is a platform to expose, inspire and give all children, regardless of their race, creed, color, gender or financial circumstance, the opportunity to realize their dreams.  Through L.A.S.I.R.’s inaugural competition in 2018, America’s youth will be inspired to imagine the future of transportation and share their dreams with us.  The competition asks students and their mentors to create and use different modalities and infrastructure to transport people and products more efficiently and with better environmental and public health outcomes.


Council on Global Relations (CGR) is focused on the empowerment of individuals, founded on principles of natural and universal human rights.

  • We are engaged in projects that educate and foster initiatives that help transform individuals into leaders and engaged participants in their communities.
  • We inform the global community of issues and opportunities and advocating on behalf of human rights.
  • We are mobilized and act as guardian in support of individual rights as the foundation of healthy communities and societies.  In that regard, we promote the establishment of strong civil societies as a platform for stability and the advancement of the modern global community.


At this point in the history of our world, nations are no longer alone and isolated.  The human family has one option, and that is to unite and dream toward the betterment of our world and legacy in time.


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