We serve the economically disadvantaged individuals and families who face barriers of access to food, education, health, resources, shelter, and more. 

We focus on building strong communities through education and food initiatives locally in Baltimore City, MD and Washington, DC and California, as well as globally in Afghanistan and Haiti. 

Our Mission is to empower the individual.

CGR’s core pillars are: Lead, Feed, and Teach. CGR brings strong leadership with a passionate mission to feed and teach the world.


1. To promote access to healthy foods
2. To educate on holistic wellness
3. To build capacity for resilient systems
4. To provide access to shelter
5. To connect communities to resources

We steward and leverage technology as a key tool and resource that empowers individuals, communities, and nations through data driven design and advanced AI. 

CGR is especially focused on using next-gen educational technology platforms to allow equal access to learning and the ability to leapfrog into a new era of success.


1. Eliminate the health disparities experienced by economically disadvantaged communities in the US by demonstrating marked improvement of mental and physical health by 2025.
2. Address food insecurity in the US, starting with Baltimore as a pilot project of redundant systems for expansion throughout the US and world by 2025.
3. Respond to the housing crisis of displaced individuals and families throughout the United States alike by 2026.
4. Provide equal access to education through integration of next-gen technology solutions by 2026.


CGR leads the way forward by bringing deep design thinking, technology, solutions, and subject matter expertise to problems and challenges faced by our clients. We develop sophisticated blueprints and road maps that achieve results and build capacity for sustainable growth.

Food insecurity is a devastating crisis the world over, including in the United States of America. CGR is committed to developing meaningful solutions toward food resilience, in response to disasters as well as for long term and sustainable projects. Our pilot project, Rooted In, focuses in the food deserts of Baltimore City.

Teaching is the core drive of CGR’s mission. Education empowers the economically disadvantaged individuals and underserved communities in the US and globally. CGR’s asymmetric and out of the box approach uses technology and design thinking to help people, communities, economies, and nations leapfrog into longterm success.



Baltimore, MD, Washington, D.C. & Afghanistan

Rooted In

Baltimore City, MD & Washington, D.C.

CGR creates RoadMap for success knowing that broken systems, governments, and economies create disenfranchised people and nations.  

We leverage advanced design thinking, next-gen technology, business consultancy, innovative policy and strategic opportunities to develop asymmetric road maps that organically generates positive change. 

Rooted In focuses on building a network from farmers to consumers to fight food insecurity by providing incentives and education in the heart of Baltimore City and throughout the region.

We are rooted in local and healthy foods and we provide education, advocacy, technology, wellness, and food services at our brick and mortar community market, kitchen, and learning center. 


In response to the unprecedented hardship and suffering of the Afghan people, CGR is active and committed to developing lasting avenues for peace and prosperity for Afghans and their nation. CGR, along with our curated partners and trusted network are currently active in supporting the mission along three critical vectors indicated below:

Friends Committed to Peace