Council on Global Relations

We Honor the Heroes of America
We Envision A Prosperous Future
We Design a New City of Peace


Our Mission is very simple: to empower the individual to better achieve the full potential of their life’s journey, and serve the greater good. 


We develop and deliver diverse and sustainable projects and solutions to communities across the planet, from Haiti to Afghanistan, to the United States, and to the DRC.


Join us and support our projects to make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities. We are seeking project-specific donations and passionate team members.

Our Work

CGR Leads the way forward by bringing deep design thinking and subject matter expertise to problems and challenges faced by our clients. We developed sophisticated blueprints and road maps that achieve results and build capacity for sustainable growth.

Our educational platforms leverage advanced technology and mixed reality platforms to deliver resources to underserved communities in the US and worldwide.  CGR’s asymmetric and out of the box approach brings new ways of problem solving and understanding of the world we live in.

Food insecurity is a devasting crisis the world over, including in the United States of America.  CGR is committed to developing meaningful solutions toward food resilience, in response to disasters as well as for long term and sustainable projects.