The future of Afghanistan depends on its empowered and educated people. Let us empower them boldly...


On February 16th 2023, CGR held a preliminary Roundtable to explore innovative and disruptive ways and means with which the world body can empower and raise capacity in Afghanistan’s education sector.

The roundtable brought together a group of 90 talented and diverse thought leaders and practitioners as well as interested audience members to the roundtable, each representing an extraordinary body of work and depth of experience in Afghanistan and in the education sector.

The list of presenters and panelists, in no specific order as follows:

Naveen Hashim
Sher Hussaini
Naser Khan
Shallah Shaiq
Naveen Hashim
Sophia Swire
Obaida Ameen
Naeem Ayubzada
Mohammad Alem

Budd Mackenzie
Paul Stevers
Zahid Hossain
Sacha Innes
Ken Kraushaar
John Bradley
Habiba Marhoon
Kathryn Williams
Daoud Abedi

Roderic Brame
Muqadasa Ahmadzai
Nicholas Sabato
Khadija Dastgir
Fary Moini
Lauryn Oates
Murwarid Ziayee
Nematullah Ahangosh


All discussion items and initiatives that were shared were highly constructive and positive, and they especially pertained to the ground realities and conditions in the context. The objectives and goals for this roundtable session were threefold as follows:

1. To identify resources and capabilities that can be brought to bear on this urgent issue.

2. To brainstorm and mind-map effective strategies for challenges facing Afghanistan.

3. To establish a broad and diverse network of dedicated NGOs, vendors, and leaders to help  chart actional paths forward.

Next Steps

The result of the roundtable was likewise astounding. 

The panelists identified that the collective use of technology, much of which is available and accessible within the network of participants, is a unique opportunity to support and leapfrog capacity for the Afghan nation. 

Additionally, CGR and members of the roundtable identified key resources and commitment to developing aggregate funding resources accessible to the network. 

The funding effort will be directed through specific and focused projects.

Therefore, CGR has decided to move forward with the development of a comprehensive tele-education program for Afghanistan, leveraging the strengths and resources of the network.


Roundtable members have been invited to submit their interest in participating in the Afghan Tele-Education Task Force. We will update the result of the Task Force findings and the participating members on this platform in March 2023. 

To join please contact [email protected]

Additional Resources

In the meantime, we are pleased to share resources and links provided by some of the presenters for our collective use. As the Task Force proceeds forward, we will populate other resources for the team and the broader community.

CGR recognizes that it takes collective like-minded leaders and supporters to bring about effective and lasting change that makes the world a better place. If you would like to post resources on this platform, please reach out to us, and we would be glad to include them in the roster.